The PandaAdventures Story — the China Luxury Challenge

China is a mighty nation that has dominated eastern Asia since 3,000 years ago. It is not just another destination, but a totally different world. Tens of millions of travelers are drawn to China each year to discover its richest breadth of culture, to marvel at its most impressive architectural feats, and to wow at its most varied and spectacular natural wonders.

However, planning a trip is not easy. Striving with the domestic crowds, the unfamiliar transportation, and unforeseen policy changes, the budget is your least concern. Not to mention the totally different languages, beyond-your-imagination food, and unbearable toilets. These can make your China journey a truly challenging adventure.

Prepare yourself with courage, patience, and good research. A luxury adventure here in China is truly a “luxury” option. But it can be done...

Gary Lee: An Ordinary Man’s Striving Story

Gary Lee, co-founder of is here to help. Gary, father of a curly, 3-year-old girl, has a skinny, typical-northern-Chinese face. He speaks with a standard mandarin accent, and has a special affection for eating Chinese noodles, like many of his fellow countrymen.

He was born in the countryside close to Xi’an, the ancient capital famous for the Terracotta Warriors, moved to Beijing in 2001, and worked as a tour guide first, and then as an expert tour operator for Great Wall Hiking. There he met a girl from Guilin and fell in love with her. He moved his family to Guilin after the marriage. He is now a frequent traveler in Guilin, Xi'an, and Beijing since then.

With over ten years’ work experience in the China tourism industry, Gary is fully aware of the difficulties foreign travelers will encounter. He carefully defines and designs itineraries with his expert insider knowledge. He incorporates off-the-beaten-path activities and programs to make sure the trip is unique and interesting.

He does frequent field research to improve both itineraries and service quality.

He never stops innovating, developing, and improving to create luxury, worry-free holidays to the highest possible Western level.

He is here is to welcome you to China, and help you have a wonderful adventure!

Gary Lee
A China Highlights Destination Manager